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Event Tech Products

EIS Kinetix

Kinetic pillars consist of two rotating mechanisms each which rotate and slide on straight platform with multiple display and motion scenarios. The front side of the pillar has display panels that show the content like advertising new deals, upcoming goals, multiple products and services as per client requirements. And other side has mirror that makes system more elegant and beautiful. By placing the pillars side by side, we can create a rotating wall. A one of kind setup that will definitely impress visitors.

EIS Cubix

The kinetic cube that shows content and actuates like a beating heart effect. Each face consists of several kinetic segments that move in and out and show the innovative display at the same time. The user comes and interacts with the kinetic cube who is detected and sensed by the integrated built-In sensors.

EIS Dynamix

This unique event tech shows curvy display and slides up and down. It consists of multiple scenarios of motions and displays which are totally customized according to the client needs.

EIS Curvex

The curved led display pillars rotate and slide on the curved platform showing immense interactivity with customers. It has multiple motion and display scenarios which can be modified or customized according to the needs.